Supriem Rockefeller – Messiah or AntiChrist?

by Wes Penre

Chapter II: Priesthood of Amen, Lucifer's Web and Supriem Network

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by Wes Penre, Saturday May 9, 2009 at 10:11 AM

A Short General Overview

Priesthood of Amen in Old Egypt

Priesthood of Amen in Old Egypt

The original Priesthood was founded by Marduk Ra in ancient times, Marduk being of the Merovingian/Frankish Bloodline, the “Bloodline of the Holy Grail”, which goes back to the time before the Sumerian era, as we shall see later.

Marduk Ra was not a benevolent being, but he was young, according to Jarl Vidar of the The Thule Society, and he committed a lot of crimes, just like there are humans doing the same thing, only difference  is that the crimes Marduk committed were on a high spiritual level. Just because Marduk was a criminal doesn’t mean all Merovingians are criminals. Same thing as with regular people – only because there are criminals among us doesn’t mean we all are criminals.  Even if you’re born into a certain bloodline, you don’t necessarily have to be totally negative in nature. The bloodline is a physical genetic line the spirit is born into, and although the body/mind complex has its own thought patterns and inherited weaknesses, strengths and attributes built into its DNA, the spirit can override this and take control.

We will go into those things in greater details later on in this book, but according to the Thule Order, which is the secret society that activated Supriem’s Triple Helix DNA (something we will talk about later), the following is true:

The Merovingians are not part of the 13 Illuminati Bloodlines, contrary to what Fritz Springmeier (and other researchers like myself) has claimed in his book, “The 13 Illuminati Bloodlines”. Instead, they are the direct bloodline of the Anunnaki, who are mostly benevolent towards mankind, although there are exceptions, just like with humans. Some are controlling by nature, while others are not.

I have no problem with the Anunnaki being the originators of the secret societies on Earth in ancient time. There is plenty of research available to verify this, if we follow the trail all the way back to Sumerian times and the Sumerian tablets. Those talk, among other things, about Enki, his half-brother Enlil and the Anunnaki, “those who from heaven to earth came”. Enki was most probably the one who created the first known secret society on Earth, “The Brotherhood of the Snake” or “The Brotherhood of the Serpent”, which actually was an “open society” in the beginning. Enki wanted to teach homo sapiens about higher knowledge, contrary to what most of the other Anunnaki wanted.  The “Creator Gods” did not want the secrets of the Universe to be taught to humans, who basically were genetically engineered to do slave labor for the “Gods” and should be kept ignorant so they didn’t revolt.

There is a lot more to know about this than is already told in public and I hope I can shed some more light on this issue by releasing the “Ilat-Litum Plates” to the world for the first time. They have never been in public domain before, but kept hidden by the Thule Society in Germany or Scotland.I have also had them translated from German to English and they are presented in Chapter X of this book.

Later on we will discuss whether the Anunnaki presence and involvement is good for humankind at all, or if we would be better off without them all together. However, if the Ilat-Litum Plates are telling the truth (and I seriously believe them to be authentic) they clearly explain why the Merovingians are not part of the 13 bloodlines.

Marduk was the first-born son of Enki, who was in conflict with his half-brother Enlil most of the time, especially about the fact that Enki wanted to educate the slave race he had been the mastermind of engineering. “The Book of Enki” by Zacharia Sitchin is telling the story about the adventures of Enki and Marduk/Ra and you can find an excerpt here that may be of interest:

Eventually, after Enki had favored Marduk before his younger brother, Thoth, Marduk took charge over the Brotherhood and proclaimed Babylon “The Gateway of the Gods“. It was also under his rule that the “Tower of Babel” incident was supposed to have happened and the languages of the Earth were confused.

After his time in Babylon, Marduk went to Egypt, where his brother Thoth reigned, and deposed him. However, Marduk was soon betrayed and imprisoned alive in the Great Pyramid. Freed through an emergency shaft, he escaped and went into exile. But before he was captured, he had sought out his successor as Grandmaster of the Brotherhood/Priesthood, which was now renamed “The Priesthood of Amen” or “The Priesthood of Amen Ra”, which means, “The Priesthood of Ra, the ‘Hidden One’. Because this is what Marduk/Ra now had became, “hidden” or “amen”. Thus the name AMEN Ra. According to Supriem, who claims to be Marduk Ra reanimated, he has always been in charge of the Priesthood behind the scenes ever since — in astral plane and/or in physical. Supriem claims to be both Ra, the Sun God — the God of Light or EnLIGHTenment, and Lucifer, the LIGHT-bearer. According to him, they are one and the same, at least in spirit.

Marduk’s successors as the “official” Grandmasters of the Priesthood were also of the Frankish/Merovingians, all the way through Charles Martel (ca. 688-741 A.D.). So the Priesthood started out as a benevolent Brotherhood, initiated by Enki, with the intention to enlighten mankind as he had developed affinity for the species he was once part of creating. Marduk, who had a more violent and jealous personality than his father, according to Egyptian legend, distorted the teachings of the Brotherhood to increase his own power [1]. Since then, the Priesthood has been closed to common man and only the pharaohs, priests and a few other initiated now had access to information that in the first place was taught to those who wanted to know. It was an open society before Marduk came.

People have been wondering who the 13 Illuminati Bloodlines are, if the Merovingians are not part of them, and my answer has to be vague. Just like Fritz Springmeier, when he listed the bloodlines in his book and wrote about them one by one, he actually listed more than 13 families. So here is a list of the bloodlines Springmeier is mentioning, with the exception that I have excluded the 13th bloodline, the Merovingians, and replaced it with the Reynolds. I have in my list also included the other three bloodlines Springmeier is mentioning in his book:

  1. Astor
  2. Bundy
  3. Collins
  4. DuPont
  5. Freeman
  6. Kennedy
  7. Li (Chinese)
  8. Onassis
  9. Rockefeller
  10. Rothschild
  11. Russell
  12. van Duyn
  13. Reynolds
  14. Disney
  15. Krupp
  16. McDonald (McDonald’s fast food chain)

Pharaoh Akhnaten (ca 1351-1334 BC) was one of the High Priests of Amen, and he was Merovingian and an Anunnaki hybrid (more about them in Chapter X). He was the one who re-introduced monotheism and had people believe in Adonai instead of YHWH, who was regarded as the “evil god”, equivalent to the Biblical Satan — you could say he was one of the early Gnostics. After Akhnaten died, however, people went back to polytheism (believing in more than one god). Already during Akhnaten’s reign, there were forces within the Priesthood and their power structure that would see polytheism being the religion for the people rather than believing we all are ONE, which in my opinion is the truth. If we really look into Akhnaten and his wife Nefertiti’s beliefs, we see they were teaching the Law of One, with ONE God and us  just being separate parts of that ONE Supreme Being. I will refer to the Law of One repeatedly in this book.

Akhnaten and Nefertiti - Anunnaki hybrids?

Akhnaten and Nefertiti - Anunnaki hybrids?

Then, further down the line, Charles Martel (Merovingian), came into the picture. Martel betrayed the Brotherhood and started working with the 13 bloodlines, and they have infiltrated the Priesthood ever since. Now, Supriem, a reincarnation of Marduk Ra of the Merovinginans, is physically putting himself back as a High Priest of the Order, according to him. The last Merovingians of purest descendants, still present here on Earth today, are  supposedly the Habsburgs, and Dominic von Habsburg is the last in line. But there are still people with Merovingian/Frankish blood, and the ones of those with the purest blood are chosen by Supriem for his Inner Circle, although their blood are quite mixed by now.

Nefertiti with her characteristic extended Anunnaki skull

Nefertiti with her characteristic extended Anunnaki skull

Akhnaten and Nefertiti were Merovingians/Anunnaki in the second or third line, hence the characteristic Anunnaki extended skulls, while Charles Martel and later Merovingians have become “humanized” over the millennia and have lost much of the Anunnaki features per the laws of inheritance.

Charles Martel

Of course, the Priesthood of Amen was not the only secret society in ancient times, and the 13 Bloodlines had their own organizations already then, before they managed to infiltrate the Priesthood.

Many secret societies are Luciferian in nature – they worship Lucifer, the “Morning Star”, something the lower level members know nothing about, or think is just a conspiracy theory or an urban legend. This is a controversy that these societies keep hidden from their members on the most part. The main reason for this is because Luciferian means something entirely different to these people than it does to a Christian. Prominent Masonic writers, such as Manley P. Hall and Albert Pike have clearly indicated that they have a Luciferian doctrine, and naturally, Christians believe they are Satanic. The Bible tells them so. Still, whatever you think about Luciferian doctrines, it is not Satanic. Satan and Lucifer are not the same deity/entity.

The truth is that these Luciferian secret societies are what we call gnostic in nature, and they have this firm belief that Lucifer was the Bringer of Light (light=knowledge) while YHWH tried to keep homo sapiens in the dark — in ignorance. Therefore, Lucifer is good and YHWH is evil. They also refer to YHWH in the Old Testament as the “evil one”, or BAAL, and point out that the Bible clearly describes a jealous, violent and judgmental God, someone you should fear. According to their beliefs, the Bible has been severely tampered with by the corrupted Priesthood, who turned everything around to make YHWH the good and righteous one and Lucifer the evil one. The purpose with that has been to hide the truth from the people and create conflicts through organized religion. Christians often defend YHWH’s violent behavior and mass murder as being justified — the victims of his fury deserved it.

Now, if we return to what was discussed in the beginning of this chapter, and the Sumerian tablets are even remotely correctly translated, isn’t it more likely that someone like Enlil or another ancient Anunnaki, who wanted to keep humankind in check by keeping them ignorant, is a better candidate for YHWH (Satan) and Enki is Lucifer, the one who brought LIGHT (wisdom) to the people? If this is true, Supriem may believe he is Marduk, but he is not Lucifer, although he is of the Luciferian bloodline (his father would have been Lucifer). We will elaborate more on this as we continue.

Freemasonry, as an example, is a very old secret society, which started out as something that was meant to be positive and enlightening, and Pharaoh Akhnaten (ca 1351-1334 BC) was one of their Grand Masters as well as the leading High Priest from the Merovingian era of the Priesthood of Amen as mentioned earlier in this chapter. Freemasonry under its current name is a fairly new organization, but it existed long before that under different names. With time, Freemasonry was infiltrated by the negative Priesthood. Still today, the Order is very infiltrated, and it’s hard for someone who is looking for original enlightening material in there, to find it. This will all be clearer as we move on. We will also explain exactly in Chapter X who the “Illuminati” really are, who the Merovingians are and much, much more.

Brad Pruitt, who may or may not be Supriem’s alter ego, as explained in Chapter I of this book, tells me the following:

The outer circle of the Priesthood of Amen is called “Lucifer’s Web” and the business organization around it “The Supriem Network”. Lucifer’s Web consists mainly of members from wealthy families and are consciously working for a One World Government, where Supriem’s version of it will be called the Allied Union. Supriem’s task is now to have the “negative” and “positive” Priesthoods and secret societies to follow him on his mission to clean up the mess after Marduk Ra (Supriem himself in his earlier incarnation) and prepare for a new, better world before Nibiru, “The 12th Planet”, returns, supposedly around 2012. This is, according to both The Thule and Supriem, a crucial event, as it also signals the return of the “Gods”, the Anunnaki from old Sumer. We will cover this extensively in Chapter X and elsewhere in this book.

Supriem’s task is a huge one, because there are of course different sections within the Power Structure with strong leaders who all want things to happen their way. So even if Supriem is who he says he is, it doesn’t mean that all the 13 bloodlines will automatically follow him and accept him as their leader. He needs to use all the means he has to be able to unite all these fractions. It sounds impossible and complicated, and it would be for most, but as he puts it, he has help from different powerful secret societies and even alien forces to complete his task, and one major (and crucial) step on the way was to activate his Tripe Helix 49 Strand DNA in 2003, making him much more powerful than any regular human. So in a way Supriem is an experiment by secret societies behind the scenes who want unity and a certain outcome. But before we go into all these details, we need to cover a lot of material.

Another secret society which belongs to Lucifer’s Web is the one we’ve mentioned a few times already, the Thule Gesellschaft, which is also the Order that activated his Triple Helix DNA. Jarl Vidar, a mid-level member, has put up his own website which is representing the Priesthood and Lucifer’s Web, and you can read about some of the occult sides of the Order on his site. It is mainly in German but has English parts too. Jarl hardly speaks any English at all, so I have had to count on the German I know and also used Google Translator to communicate with him and he has been using the same program to communicate back to me. I have corresponded with him quite extensively and received some information from him that is not commonly known to the public, but not strictly confidential either – it just hasn’t been advertised until now. They want this information out “for those who are ready to receive it”, because time is near for the “Gods” to return and people should be prepared. This mid-level member has connections with the Inner Core of The Thule, and I have had the privilege to communicate with a person from the Inner Core as well, on more than one occasion.

Jarl Vidar of the Thule Society

What The Thule wants, according to the members I have spoken with, is a united world, free from the Zionist control which we live under today. So their plan is to support Supriem on his mission to unite the 13 bloodlines and instead of maintaining the status quo, which is negative control of mankind, they support a One World Government ruled by a benevolent leader, where Supriem is one candidate. But like Jarl said, there are no guarantees that this mission will succeed due to many unknown factors. One of them being that Supriem may change sides in the middle of the process and start working for the dark side again, because he has “free will”.

People may protest here and ask why we would even consider wanting the current Power Elite to unite with Supriem and be our “benevolent rulers” in the near future. Firstly, they would not be accepted by people when the entire world population will understand what evil they have done, and secondly, at a first glance it doesn’t even seem doable. But there is a reason this has to be done and it is all connected with the Anunnaki returning to Earth. The Power Elite has two choices — either they conform to Supriem’s vision, or they will be led to slaughter by the incoming Anunnaki. This, too, will be explained in great details in Chapter X.

How The Supriem Network is Controlling Business, Banking and the Current Recession/Depression

Here is a press release from NewsWire that you need to read to be able to continue: “S.D. Rockefeller Holdings, Ltd ‘Supriem Bank and Trust’ to be Licensed by Global FranTech Group” from Nov 19, 2006 (saved version here). Quite interesting, because this company can’t be traced. I tried, but found nothing of value.

Later on, as I managed to connect to some people close to Supriem, I learned that the reason we can’t find out much about Supriem’s holding company and his other businesses is because they are based out of Switzerland. His Trust can open an account under its own name at one of the big banks in U.S. so he can deal directly with the Federal Reserve. He also works closely with the Federal Reserve of New York, Bank of England, ECB (European Central Bank) and the Bank for International Settlements. So his offshore banks have their own accounts in with the Big Banks in U.S. and they are called “Auto-Charge” accounts.

Supriem’s Trust has received billions of dollars worth of CMOs (Collateralized Mortgage Obligations), which are just bundles of Mortgage backed securities. Lots of money will be generated from them, but he has to lend out capital to businesses. So apparently, if this is correct, he has access to the “Tarp” money (The Troubled Asset Relief Program). He also had a private company that invested money for DFAS (the Defense Finance and Accounting Service), the Air Force “Black” Budget Programs, and for the Naval Academy.

Supriem after a meeting at the Naval Academy, Summer 2009

When I was researching this matter further I found another important connection between SD Rockefeller Holdings and a Company called “SatCom.Inc., Telecommunication for the 21st Century“. Click on the link “News” and then open the .pdf file called “27-JUN-2008 – Shareholder Update” and you will find a very interesting business deal in progress between these two companies. However, the deal was never closed due to indifferences in interests, so Supriem never got involved. He later signed up with Lockheed Martin and Northrop instead.

Then, go back to the index page on that same website and click on the link “Products”. You will find something called RVL797-A – Reusable launch vehicle. This is a product Supriem has been working with for some time, something a couple of my sources have mentioned previously to me finding that website.

Paul Ross, Manager of Eastern Slope Marketing in Colorado, lists on his online Summary as one of his credentials that he is the Chief Financial Officer of S.D. Rockefeller Holdings Ltd.

Some people have doubted that S.D. Rockefeller Holdings Ltd exists only because it’s not registered in the USA and the Company seems impossible to trace. Here is some evidence that the Company is not a hoax:  Paul Ross, who is a bonafide business owner in Colorado in good standing makes is very clear about that the Company exists:

With offices in Delaware, Denver and Seattle Metropolitan areas Paul is a Board Member, Director and Chief Financial Officer for S. D. Rockefeller Holdings Ltd. (Wes’ emphasis), which is a holding company with focus on offshore Asset & Trade Management and domestic and international project funding, currently with over $1 Trillion in assets pledged to the firm. (Ref:, scroll down to “Paul Ross’s Summary”, 3rd paragraph).

To check the validity of Paul Ross, go to Colorado Secretary of State Business Center and type in the name of his Company, “Eastern Slope Marketing”, without the quotation marks.

When I had posted my blog, Lucifer’s Redemption, a few people who tried to protect him from exposure said he is poor, 34 years old, being just a regular guy who is partying and chasing girls when he’s not hanging out with his friends, and has never left Tennessee. We are soon going to see that this is not true and part of a psy op to discredit me and to have me “reconsider” to take this e-book off the Internet. Sounds like he is living a double life, which is also what the majority of my sources are saying he does — he has to.

He certainly is not a “poor guy who never left Tennessee”, because since this book was first published, there are lots of pictures proving that he is traveling around the world quite a lot. If someone is doubting this, please go to the Contact section to the right and email me. I can send you pictures.

Here is an excerpt from the August 2006 Business deal in progress I linked to in the beginning of this section in case you skipped through it – it’s all over the Internet:

S.D.ROCKEFELLER HOLDINGS, LTD Signs Worldwide Agreement With GLOBAL FRANTECH GROUP To Market Licenses in 220 countries.

AHMEDABAD, Gujarat, India, August 26, 2006 – Supriem Bank and Trust Company. (Supriem) signed a exclusive Global Agreement with Global FranTech Group and FranTech Asia, (FranTech), of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, which grants FranTech the right to market Supriem (Bank and Trust Company) licenses for “The Future of Banking Worldwide” programs through FranTech’s network of agents in 220 countries to governments and enterprises around the world.
Supriem Rockefeller, known for his work in artificial intelligence (AI) in global currency, option markets, development of international private insurance annuities and charitable trust, has now turned his attention to providing worldwide private banking services for the individual accessible from any worldwide location, using any telecommunication device, at any time of the day or night, with the latest in biometric security for worldwide banking. [ Saved version here].

Here is another one:

ZoomInfo is the most comprehensive source of business information on people and companies in the world. Find who you’re looking for here! Simply search for their name in the directory below and click on it to get details on their career history, education, places they’ve been mentioned on the Web and more. You can also use the search box. [].

This website lists S.D. Rockefeller Holdings, Ltd. among other “Rockefeller businesses”. This is not a little plumber company in the rural area of some minor town – this looks like Big Global Business.

This is from ClickPress – Global News Distribution, October 2006:

[ClickPress, Sat Oct 28 2006] S.D.Rockefeller Holdings Ltd and WorldVuer, Inc. (WorldVuer) signed a exclusive Global Agreement with Global FranTech Group and FranTech Brazil, (FranTech), of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which grants FranTech the right to market Supriem Bank and Trust Global Bank in the Sky financial programs through FranTech’s network of worldwide agents in 220 countries to governments and enterprises around the world.

The company explained that the WorldVuer’s contracted development of an “Interactive Banking platform to achieve a world-changing vision of creating the first “Global Bank in the Sky” for S.D.Rockefeller Holdings Ltd, for Supriem Bank and Trust and the Supriem Satellite Constellation with the interactive banking hand held wireless ground unit “Bank in a Box” “SBT-LB500”.

WorldVuer beliives the combination of their proprietary advanced video and networking technologies, years of succesful development. Deployment of large-scale distributed applications, and recent advancements in the gration of VUE: the Visual User Experince will enable them to develop the most robust,secure and visually intuitive Interactive Banking system in the world for the Global Bank in the Sky. [Read more here. Saved version here]

And finally, here is an update from December 2009, six months after this blog was initially posted. It’s two press releases from CNN regarding Supriem:

CNN Money, Dec 17, 2009: Kinti Mining’s (OTCBB: KMLD) President Richard Byrd states the following, “Our business partner and majority shareholder, Khangolov Resources Inc.’s President Frank Love has hit a Once-in-a-Lifetime opportunity for our Company and its shareholders!”

Khangolov Resources’ President Frank Love states, “We are going into the Entertainment Business in a huge way. I have now partnered up with Mr. Supriem David Rockefeller, a financial magnate with strong ties to the entertainment industry.

“Mr. Supriem David Rockefeller’s entertainment empire bonds include leading companies in the industry. One such company is a multi-faceted, world entertainment entity combining all aspects of the entertainment and media industries including, but not limited to, the production and marketing of music, publishing, musical artists, concerts, brands, as well as custom media delivery components. With over sixty years combined experience in the entertainment and business worlds respectfully, Supriem’s management team has acquired the knowledge, experience, and contacts to quickly catapult the organization to a leading role within the new digital entertainment and media universe. [Read more here. Saved version here]

* * *

CNN Money, December 28, 2009: Kinti Holdings will utilize its new MNC-Holdings Company structure as a hedge against any formidable and/or unforeseeable decline in the price of its natural resources. Kinti Holdings now has a great opportunity for its new structure to obtain a majority stake in an entertainment company with an experienced management already in place.

Mr. Supriem David Rockefeller, a financial magnate with strong ties to entertainment industry leading companies covering almost every aspect of the industry. One such company is a multi-faceted, world entertainment entity combining all aspects of the entertainment and media industries including, but not limited to, the production and marketing of music, publishing, musical artists, concerts, brands, as well as custom media delivery components. With over sixty years combined experience in the entertainment and business worlds respectfully, Supriem’s management team has acquired the knowledge, experience, and contacts to quickly catapult the organization to a leading role within the new digital entertainment and media universe. [Read more here. Saved version here]

“Allied Unit” – The New World Currency

The Supriem Network is allegedly working hard right now to kill the dollar in favor of a World Currency — a main reason for the financial recession/depression. The stories on the Internet, some of which I posted as well on Illuminati News, indicate that an American Union is being created as we speak, with a joint currency for Canada, the United States and Mexico, and that the Elite is planning to eventually merge the three countries into a North American Union, just like they did in Europe with the European Union. This was certainly the plan and they even created the coins (see below), but the direction the world financial crisis is going, this one step on the way to a global economy is now perhaps being bypassed, with or without Supriem’s help, and the Elite is moving directly towards a World Currency. There may still be, however,  certain powerful fractions of the Brotherhood who want to see the Amero ushered in first.

The Amero

The Amero

Supriem already has a name for the world currency, it’s going to be called the “Allied Unit”. This has been verified by all of my sources and by Supriem himself (see the email to Leo Zagami in Chapter 1). The European Union was a pilot which turned out really well, and all they needed now was a world-wide financial meltdown to be able to introduce the Allied Unit, says another source, whom I can’t name.

The Allied Unit will not be paper money and coins, just electronic money – numbers on a screen, bills and coins will be obsolete – and you will probably need to be micro-chipped to be able to buy and sell, although I heard recently that micro-chipping may be off the table — but that was after I published the Lucifer’s Redemption blog. However, the Priesthood knows what many people think about micro-chipping, so perhaps they are telling us it’s off the table just to calm us down when in fact they are going to chip us. I just recently posted an article on my blog, “News Behind the Scenes” about another option they may have in mind for us:

Their first priority is complete by nationalizing the mortgage industry, next is nationalizing the banking industry. We, the people, will be told that the solution is just temporary, but they intend to keep it permanent. They will accomplish this by either implementing a new terrorist threat, which will or will not actually be executed while the matter of nationalizing the banks is being heavily discussed, or the masses will be distracted by something else that will keep our focus on anything but what is happening in the world of banking. The Swine Flu epidemic inevitably comes to mind among other things…

Always remember: if mass media are focusing on something particular over some duration of time, it’s very likely that it is to distract you from what is really happening. So while everybody else is discussing what the Media are spitting out, you should look in the other direction to see what is actually going on that they want to keep secret.

Most people at this point in time think that gold prices are going to soar, but according to an Insider, Supriem is actually planning on crashing the gold. No one believes it will crash, and lots of people are buying it. By March-April 2010, if everything goes per the plan, gold will be under $300/ounce and they will have killed GE, BofA, Citi Bank and others just like AIG, so it all can be Nationalized [2].

When the Vatican goes out in public saying they are for a One World Governing Body, it’s orchestrated by Supriem Rockefeller and his Inner Circle, says Brad Pruitt. Just recently, the top players seem to have agreed upon a name for the World Government, which will be the “Allied Union“. Below is a chart showing a simplified structure for the new Allied Union. United Nations, as can be expected, is one of the Satellites:

The Allied Union

The Allied Union - The One World Government

Supriem also owns the wireless company that the government will use to provide broadband covering the globe. He has company in talks with the government now as the only company to provide public safety spectrum and he has been in talks from the Department of Agriculture to cover the rural areas of America [3].

Another target is the IRS — he wants to abolish it totally for his bigger purposes. Here is something he wrote on the Internet, discussing this matter with a few people, this is from 2007:

What makes this case stand out is that plutocratic people are backing this case [see for reference, editor’s note], Live Free Now Organization ( is all over this case, they are taking it to the Supreme Court to make sure nobody has to pay income taxes. You can’t file a class-action suit against the Government, the IRS is not a Government entity, it is a private company, so is the FED. As far as you saying the sums owed would have to be paid off the standard, there is no standard. The U.S. Dollar has strictly a floating exchange rate, inflation is nothing more than a hidden tax. There is only $435 billion of hard currency in circulation but the U.S. owes Trillions in debt, Congress is responsible for paying that back but they have the ability to borrow unlimited amounts of money. My motive is to eliminate state and federal income taxes and have a flat tax on consumer purchases. If the U.S. got rid of income taxes, money that has been in offshore tax havens to avoid paying taxes would find its way back to the U.S. because now the U.S. has become a tax haven.
For the record, I never said anything about dismantling the Federal Reserve, I only said the IRS. I am in favor of a flat tax on consumer purchases and as far as my other views, well, I will get into that another time.

I do however appreciate the time you have taken to address these situations and I promise you I will be in further dialog very soon. Now, for the record, I am for getting rid of the U.S. Dollar and adopting a unified global currency [editor’s emphasis]. I only have good intentions for humanity and I only live to see society prevail and have a better future, and to do that we must end corruption in the sovereign debt lending sector.

I will speak more of this very soon. [reference … saved version here]

What he is not mentioning here is that he also wants to get rid of Congress, which he thinks is absolutely worthless and is standing in the way of progress.

Supriem works in tight connection with the Vatican and the Temple Institute in Jerusalem and has a close connection with Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jimmy Carter’s old adviser and also the man who wholeheartedly supported Barack Obama. Supriem calls him by the nickname “ZBig”.

He also just set up an overseas corporation that pledged $200 million to the Clinton Global Initiative. My source even gave me the phone number to Bill Clinton, as well as to ZBig and other senior officers high up in the Pentagon and the military. Supriem is supposedly very close to both Clinton and Brzezinski, and they are all business partners. He also controls the Vatican Bank, the “Instituto Per Le Opere di Religione”, and I was given phone numbers to certain people within the Vatican Bank. I did try them out and they are genuine. If he is lying about this, I can’t explain how he got the numbers.

Back in the beginning of April 2009 I heard from Mr. Pruitt that Admiral James Stavridis will be replacing General Craddock as NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander, and he was right. In May 2009 this was announced on on May 12:

President Barack Obama Nominates Navy Admiral James Stavridis to Head NATO and U.S. European Commands

Admiral Stavridis is a very loyal Supriem supporter, says Mr. Pruitt.

As of this writing (April 2009), Supriem is in the making of a new Mega Agency, which he unofficially calls SCU and will not only control all space operations over NASA but they will oversee ESA (European Space Agency) as well.

The Mega Agency is in its turn overseen by Supriem Trust Co. which will also control the Supriem Network, which controls all banking, including Central Banking, IMF, World Bank and BIS. At a point in the near future they will also control major corporations in the private sector such as GE, etc (I heard that GE is scheduled for 2010). They will also fund all of the energy plants that are not fossil fuel, which will be the future — no more oil/gasoline if he’ll have his way.

Interestingly enough, a month after I got the  information about the Mega Agency that is going to take over and control all banking, this same information hit the news:

US Plans New Agency to Control Banking System (May 28, 2009)

Senior US administration officials are close to recommending that the Congress create a single agency that controls and regulates the banking industry.

The new agency that would be formed under the overhaul of financial regulation could replace the controlling body of the Federal Reserve as well as three federal agencies: the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), the Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC), the Wall Street Journal reported late Wednesday, citing three unnamed people familiar with the matter.

The move — which will be announced in the next few weeks — comes as the current agencies failed to thwart US banks from spiraling into the current financial downturn.

“The president is committed to signing a regulatory reform package by the end of the year, and officials at the White House and the Treasury Department are continuing work with Congress on the final phases of a proposal, but there is no final proposal in place and any announcement will not be for a couple of weeks,” White House deputy spokesman Jennifer R. Psaki said.

Officials also favor the creation of a new agency to enforce laws protecting consumers of financial products such as mortgages and credit cards.

The idea of creating a single banking regulator has in the past circulated on Capitol Hill from time to time; Former Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. last spring proposed a similar plan.

The new plan encompasses other features as well, but the sources were not willing to discuss more detail.

In May 2009, Supriem and his network were working on a deal out of Switzerland that will create $24 trillion of new money that will be converted to the Allied Unit. There are 7 of the largest banks working with him right now (May 2009) — this deal will usher in the Allied Union, he says. I have yet to hear about the outcome of this deal.

His company has exclusivity for technology and will run the data center for NGATS (Next Generation Air Transportation System). He has already worked his way into controlling the JPDO (Joint Planning and Development Office) who oversees NGATS.

You may have heard about Obama wanting to cut $17 billion in Government spending, and one of those is the Air Force $2.2 billion F-22 Raptor program, which Supriem is showing interest in. This was, according to Brad Pruitt, orchestrated so Supriem can personally fund the program and keep it off the Congressional books so he will be the only oversight on the accounting. This way he can inflate the price that is paid to such people as Lockheed, etc. In return the Air Force will only use Supriem for banking and fiduciary matters.

A source from the Air Force (Brad Pruitt) told me on May 5, 2009:

Supriem knows how to take care of his people. He will probably bring in the funding in the next couple of months, along with funding several USAF space and cyberspace projects.
I can’t say what has been going on behind the scenes but I have never seen things work so fast. We are right around the corner from everything happening.
Right now the military has been working to make sure the Supriem story looks like a psy-ops or hoax. This way it is easier to go public in the next few months…

Here is more news from the Air Force:

Supriem has been working on merging USAF with all of NASA’s space operations and taking control of all Intel since 2001. It finally is happening this year [2009], they have already killed the CIA by having Obama prosecute CIA operatives due to interrogation tactics. Now no CIA operative can do their job if they can face prosecution.

Next move is USAF taking over NSA operations, it’s half way there. The “Sci-Fi” technology you have heard about that Supriem possesses, remember? Well, Supriem has pledged it to the inner circle of USAF. We got to thank David Sr. and his Wolf’s Head connection in guiding Supriem. Get ready for a Bilderberg split as well.

One month later I read this article: Bilderberg Agenda Exposed – AFP’s editor crashed the secret meeting of the global elite and uncovered some scary schemes.

Nobody, according to this source from his camp wants go against Supriem because he has the USAF behind him, which took control of the Intelligence Community, all Space and Cyberspace operations and they are the most technologically advanced military unit. USAF controls all Cyber Security for the U.S.

Supriem got rid of his personal security as well, only to replace them with all Air Force Special Ops men and Covert Ops. He still uses Navy and Coast Guard when he’s on his yachts at sea.

What nobody knows is that Supriem will be handling the entire budget for USAF and its new “To be named” Mega Agency and they will bypass all external auditing, basically “Going Black” as they call it. The new Agency will probably have the word Supreme in it. The name SCU (Supreme Command Unit) is pitched already at this writing.

More about the Allied Union in Chapter 5.

All the King’s Men

Supriem has said to me that only those of the Sicambian-Frank Bloodline can be part of the Inner Core of the Priesthood of Amen. Why that is will be evident after we have gone through Chapter X, where many things will be revealed. They accept people for their Lucifer’s Web (the Outer Circle), almost always from people of influence and power. They then perform magical rites to make this person a “Host” to receive their multi-dimensional spirit guide. Therefore, most people in real power are possessed and controlled by spirits, but whatever entity someone is hosting, that entity is always going to be subservient to Supriem. Supriem controls the invisible world which controls the third dimension, according to another source.

Here is a video that I found on Michael N. Prescott’s MySpace page when it was still up and running, which shows Supriem admiring the occult architecture of Nashville. He also mentions researcher William Henry’s book: “The Cloak of the Illuminati”. Click here to watch the video.

Inter-Dimensional Politics

The bottom line is that Supriem is claiming he needs to create a One World Government, a benign dictatorship, in order to save the planet. According to the sources who have been (or are) working close to Supriem, there are a lot of different alien races visiting Earth at this point in time, and they all have different agendas. Mr. Rockefeller is trying to unite them all to support his own goals, and among the most powerful alien races are the “Dracos” (the Reptoids) from Alpha Draconis and the Reptilians from the Orion Constellation.

There are alien visitors who see themselves as superior to us and have watched the development of mankind here on Earth over the millennia. They are not pleased with the way the evolution has turned out, [4] and according to my sources, Supriem says that if he is unsuccessful with talking these races into letting him clean up the mess here, the aliens will destroy our planet and most of the population once and for all.

Also, those who have followed David Icke’s research know he is talking about interdimensional reptilian entities (lower 4th Dimension/Density) who need to drink blood to be able to stay in physical form here. He started saying this some time in 1996-97. However, this is nothing new. It is clearly mentioned in the channeled material in “The Law of One, Book II, page 100” from 1982. Here is the excerpt:

Questioner: Are you saying, then, that these parts that are removed [cattle mutilations, Wes’ comment] are related to the mass consciousness of the third-density human form and that this fear is being used in some way by the thought-form entities in these mutilations?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. The thought-form entities feed upon fear; thus they are able to do precise damage according to systems of symbology. The other second-density types of which you speak need the, what you call, blood.

Questioner: These other second-density types need the blood to remain in the physical? Do they come in and out of our physical from one of the lower astral planes?

Ra: I am Ra. These entities are, shall we say, creatures of the Orion group. They do not exist in astral planes as do the thought-forms but wait within the Earth’s surface.

To many readers this may sound like pure science fiction and some believe Nibiru and the return of the Anunnaki is science fiction and disinformation, but after the evidence we are building up to here, with previously unreleased material, a disturbing picture, in my opinion, is starting to unfold…

Reptilian from Orion?

Reptilian from Orion?

Supriem has said that humanity has failed, but he can take over and create a better way – a new beginning.

Ancient of Days (painting by William Blake)

Ancient of Days (painting by William Blake)

Personally, I don’t think humanity has “failed”. I am convinced that this 3rd Density is just an experience and a learning process for those who are incarnating here. It’s also a lesson how to manage energy, so we can evolve to the next density above this one.

Hence, negative and positive energies always need to be present here, and the Global Elite are our catalysts so that we can learn who we are not. We are not negatively oriented, but positive spirits of unconditional love and light, and that’s what we basically have to learn and practice to change the vibration on the planet.

Everything here fills a function. But then again, there is always a risk that the negative takes over to such an extent that we, or some outside source, will destroy our planet so we have to reincarnate somewhere else. This will have consequences, as there will be a scarcity of bodies to incarnate into. So in that sense, we may or may not be in trouble, but there is no such thing as failure. Everything is just experience, and we decide ourselves how hard we want the game to be. How deep do we have to fall before we learn? That’s the real question.

This comes directly from someone who works close to Supriem:

“…Supriem’s goal is to create a better society for mankind. He is for a benevolent dictatorship that ends what he calls the cancer of society, Congress. He says when he tells people about his plan, they will voluntarily choose his plan and stand with him. After all, it was rebellion that sent him into exile.

He has said that he stands with the seven Supriem Power Directors and the Ancient of Days, it is their decision this year to decide if he receives his full power. They have to know for sure he is worthy to receive it because once they commit, Supriem becomes more powerful than they, according to the Creator’s plan. It was Supriem who fell from grace and now he has been redeemed. This is why he is for Humanity’s redemption.

Supriem has had plenty of chances to turn dark and enslave mankind but he fought it. Hence why he has controlled the Vatican waiting patiently to reveal the truth.

Look at it this way, Supriem is on all sides, he is beyond good and evil. Google “The Almighty Supreme Papers” , it will tell you who he is. It is from the Urantia Book which is the Celestial Bible that just showed up on Earth and nobody knows who wrote it.

Every U.S. President has had it in the oval office. It is known as the “Blue Book”, that is why the USAF called the UFO investigation Project Blue Book.”

My spontaneous thoughts here are that it looks like Supriem is over-simplifying the situation. If he wants to abolish Congress, he will have most of the U.S. population against him, and many of them are gun owners — abolishing the Congress means going agianst the U.S. Constitution, and this is such an obvious violation that I doubt the American people will accept it, for any reason.

Also, I am against a World Government in general. Too much power to a few. That quickly opens up to more corruption and manipulation. I personally say “no thanks” to any such plan.

Ancient of Days at Rockefeller Plaza

Ancient of Days at Rockefeller Plaza



[1] Bramley, William: “The Gods of Eden”, 1990, p. 67

[2] It is now April 2010, and it has still not happened, so either they are behind schedule, or it wasn’t true in the first place. Time will tell.

[3] My intuition is telling me that much of this is bragging on behalf of Supriem and his American team. The German Thule Order hasn’t confirmed or denied Supriem’s claims, just refused to comment on them. I have no doubt that he is planning all this, and some of it may actually be in progress, but most of it is still in the future, if it will ever happen. Although I can’t prove either way, I have this feeling that The Supriem Network is much smaller at this point than Supriem wants us to believe. He still has a long way to go, I think. Also, because I started reporting on him at a critical moment in time, I believe he felt he had to exaggerate — perhaps not so much to impress on me and the average reader, but to “higher up” people, who may read my book.

[4] If you follow this link it will take you to a very disturbing website, supposedly written by an alien being from the star system Antares. If this information is correct, we certainly are in trouble, and I can see what Supriem is talking about when he says he needs to “prove himself” to save mankind, or we are toast, literally, or someone’s dinner…

—> Chapter 3


Written by servicetoone

May 9, 2009 at 9:42 am

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  1. Just a quick note on your comment on Obama and the F-22. I saw on today where the Congress agreed with Obama and the F-22’s were cut from the budget…..


    July 21, 2009 at 4:50 pm

  2. Dutch: Wes never heard of him either until about 6 months ago. Covert is Supriem’s middle name (well not literally)so you probably won’t hear about or know him till he hits the mainstream and he isn’t there yet. I live in America and I don’t the names of anybody in your covert opps either…


    July 2, 2009 at 12:05 am

  3. I’m living in Israel and have never heart of or seen the guy… probably another illusion born in an antismetic indymedia article


    June 29, 2009 at 1:09 am

  4. I found your blog on google, and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.


    June 24, 2009 at 3:28 pm

  5. Wes, do you have anything else that is NOT self taken by this Supriem? Just curious? You know, with all the deals this guy is doing with such important companies, not to mention the amount of money involved, there has to be something else than self taken photos. Maybe a building somewhere with the company CEO photo or something like that. I hate to be so critical, but he is nothing to me unless he can be exposed by means other than his self photos. He is photogenic, which I mean he strikes a pose, and the way he talks dose not describe to myself someone who is washed in intelligence. Not to mention his facination with traveling to places and taking photos. From long hair and a skull cap at the beginning to sharp dressed man now since his new found fame makes no sense. I really wish I could follow but again I think you’ve been taken. Good luck, and if your right, all your followers will be well informed. No offense, take care. Bye All.

    True Patriot

    June 21, 2009 at 7:11 pm

  6. Wes–Seems has done a hit piece on some of the news articles you referred to in your first blog. It was posted in April. You seem to have countered it with all the new USAF contacts. If these contacts are not shilling you, I think Supriem just could be who he says he is or at least he has the power and money to play the great Pretender”s game.


    June 20, 2009 at 7:17 pm

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